A downloadable Giant

Giant is a game where you build your own base in a small tile based game. It is a second ld jam entry and is a 2d base building game. What Are You Waiting For!!! Build Something GIANT!!!

Install instructions

Instruction for Installation

  • Download The File
  • Extract The WARFILE
  • Play Game
  • Launch Game In Fullscreen
  • There is Currently no exit button but you can press the windows button on your keyboard!!!


  • LMB-Place
  • RMB-Pan World
  • Scroll-Zoom


Giant 27 MB


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I couldn't build anything, the mouse wasn't tracking correctly and the sides of the screen were cut off. What resolution should I be launching the game at?

Try launching at full screen! I might release a new builld tomorrow to fix that bug with the mouse i noticed that also! Thanks for the response!

The problem has been fixed download the latest version!!!